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    Career in Japan

    Hair&Makeup CLIP Co.,Ltd. 8 years(Aoyama, Tokyo)
    Advertising photograph, TV commercial, Advertising poster, Fashion catalog, Advertisement in magazines, Fashion show, Photo shooting for model, Disc jacket
    Magazines :
    25ans, ef, How to Makeup ,So-en, an・an, Mc Sister, Hair&Beauty etc…

    Career in Australia

    Japanese Hair & Makeup artist specialize for Asian bride
    When sho moved to Sydney Australia, she began to work freelance,
    She has worked for a range of Fashion Catalogies,countless Advertisements and many TV commercials.
    She has worked with many Japanese Actors and Actresses there.

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    Bridal Hair & Makeup

    Japanese Hair & Makeup artist specialize for Asian bride
    Yasuko wishes that the bride have a happy and joyous smile on the big day.
    Through many years of her experiences
    especially in the field of Wedding hair and makeup artistry
    she will help the bride be as beautiful as possible on the wedding day.

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    Makeup Lesson

    A Japanese make-up expert for Asian faces.

    Did you know that the make-up requirements of asian and western people are different? Well, they are.

    Learn from an industry expert how to best show your natural beauty.

    Yasuko has a long and extensive experience in the hair and make-up requirements of models,
    and in particular, the unique beauty requirements of asian people.

    Using simple, yet important methods that you can practice immediately as part of your daily beauty regime,
    Yasuko can teach you how to look your beautiful best.

    As well as teaching you about make-up techniques, Yasuko can assist you in finding the colours
    that best suits you as well as teaching you everything you need to know about cosmetics.

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